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Segundo semestre 2020
Feb 23, 2024
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Código y Nombre de la Asignatura: IGL 0011 - BUSINESS ENGLISH I ADM
División Académica: Instituto de Idiomas
Departamento Académico: Dpto. Lenguas Extranjeras
IGL 5002 Calificación mínima de 3.0 o Homo. Inglés Pregrado CR 007 o Certificado Inglés Pregrado CR 007 o Examen Clasif.InglésPregradoCR 007
Número de créditos:
Intensidad horaria (semanal para nivel pregrado y total para nivel postgrado):
4.000 Horas de Teoría
0.000 Horas de Laboratorio
Niveles: Educación Superior Pregrado
Tipos de Horario: Teoría

This course is geared to students of the who have completed the previous course, or have directly placed in this level. These students already have general language skills, but need to strengthen and extend their English skills and competence in the field of business. This level aims to raise awareness about intercultural differences and provide tools to communicate with different cultures in business contexts. While all four linguistic skills will be practiced, there will be a focus on reading.


Globalization has brought many challenges that all professionals need to face in order to be more competitive and marketable. Among these challenges is the need to adopt a foreign language that would facilitate communication within the international environment at a professional and personal level. The Instituto de Idiomas has designed this Business English program for students in the International Business program in order to contribute to their intellectual, professional and cultural development through English
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