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Primer semestre 2019
Abr 02, 2020
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Código y Nombre de la Asignatura: IEN 7140 - ELECTRONICA DE POTENCIA
División Académica: División de Ingenierías
Departamento Académico: Dpto.Ing Eléctrica-Electrónica
IEN 4020 Calificación Mínima de 3.0
Número de créditos:
Intensidad horaria (semanal para nivel pregrado y total para nivel postgrado):
2.000 Horas de Teoría
2.000 Horas de Laboratorio
Niveles: Educación Continua, Educación Superior Pregrado
Tipos de Horario: Teoría y Laboratorio

2. Descripción de la asignatura.
The course starts with a review on operational amplifiers (OA) with control applications and its relation to power electronics. The basic power electronic devices such as diodes, transistors and thyristors are introduced. Then, power converters (AC-DC, DC-DC, DC-AC, AC-AC) are analyzed according to performance parameters. Also, application circuits are presented along with the working principles.

Students have the opportunity to do several lab practices that verify concepts seen in the lecture, especially, rectifiers and phase-controlled switching circuits. Moreover, the subject requires reading scientific and technical articles relevant to power electronics, which are then orally presented to the class. This is an opportunity to enhance a collaborative and participative learning process and to keep students up to date with relevant topics as electrical/electronic engineers.

3. Justificación
The professional activity of an electrical / electronic engineer involves using or managing electric power in several areas of industry. Most energy conversion and management are carried out by specialized electronic equipment. Therefore, it is necessary to include in the professional learning cycle of engineers the basics of such energy transformations and the most important circuits and a knowledge of the parameters that describe their performance. This contributes to create competent and competitive professionals in a rapid evolving field such as power electronics.

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