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Primer semestre 2019
Feb 17, 2020
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Código y Nombre de la Asignatura: ELP 8011 - CRIPTOGRAFIA
División Académica: División de Ingenierías
Departamento Académico: Dpto. Ingeniería de Sistemas
Número de créditos:
Intensidad horaria (semanal para nivel pregrado y total para nivel postgrado):
3.000 Horas de Teoría
0.000 Horas de Laboratorio
Niveles: Educación Superior Pregrado
Tipos de Horario: Teoría

2. Course description

This course presents an introduction to computer and network security. The course will change the student perspective so he can build systems taking into account the insecurity of the environment, allowing him to create controls in the building, managing, and auditing processes of systems.

3. Relevance

The latest advances in technology have drastically changed the way companies make business. Advances such as the mobile revolution, big data and e-commerce have made information the most critical asset in every company. For this reason, protecting and securing these assets is a key element that must be considered as part of the strategy of any business. Information security’s best practices will help guarantee business continuity and competitiveness avoiding the risks associated with taking advantage of all the information technologies advances present in the market today.

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